SOFTIE Colors and Options

Color Options


Customize your SOFTIE with stripes and trim colors to match your aircraft or your own personal taste.

Here are some tips on choosing colors:

  • Remember that darker colors, usually, hide the dirt better.
  • If choosing two colors for the stipe option on the container sections labeled A & C (enlarge the diagram below) it typically looks much better to make them the same color. Of course A, B & C can be different colors.

                 (Click Diagram Below to Enlarge)

Standard Colors   Custom Colors*
Black   Silver
Red   Forest Green
Royal Blue   Orange
Navy Blue   Gold
Charcoal   Teal
Olive Drab   Tan
*There may be an additional charge for custom colors depending on the availability of the material.

Please note that colors shown here may not

exactly match the actual colors of the material.

Harness Options

conventional harness

The adjustable Conventional harness comes complete with B-12 snaps on the leg straps and a thread-thru adapter on the chest strap. Thread-thru adapters are also available on the leg straps for no additional charge, reducing bulky hardware on your legs for aerobatics. Quick Ejector* snaps are also available for an additional charge (see below).

aerobatic harness

The adjustable Aerobatic harness eliminates all hardware on the legs by utilizing a webbing loop at the hip, allowing the leg strap to pass through the loop, cross over, and snap at the chest with B-12 snaps. This popular option has been used for competition aerobatics for many years.

Snap & Thread-Thru Options

For Leg Straps

Thread-Thru Adapter
no additional charge

B-12 Snap
on chest strap: $80.00

on leg straps: no charge


Quick Ejector Snap
on chest strap: $110.00

on leg straps: $200.00




  Shoulder Adapter     Thread Thru Chest     Capewell-Canopy

no additional charge             Strap                    Release

                                 no additional charge       call for cost


The Capewell-Canopy Release is used to release your canopy, if being        dragged in high winds.   Only Release after you're on the ground.


Other Options

Harness/Container Only (no parachute canopy or pilot chute)
Price: $1455.00 (Micro, Mini, & Wedge Softies) 


Price: $1555.00 (Long Softies) 

Price: $1655.00 (Seatpack Softies)


Cotton Sweatpad
Cotton sweatpads can be removed (unsnapped) from the container and washed. Members of flying clubs often will purchase their own sweatpad to use with club parachutes.
Price: $120.00 


Carry-All Bag
Protect your investment from dirt and UV damage with this durable, water-resistant carrying bag. FREE when you order a new SOFTIE.
Price: $60.00 


Personalize your parachute with up to six letters/numbers.
Price: $25.00 FREE when you order a new SOFTIE


Custom Colors (Harness & Container)

Price: $25.00 FREE when you order a new SOFTIE


Three Stripe Option on Back Style Softies

Price: $15.00 FREE when you order a new SOFTIE


1" Removable Chest Strap for Aerobatic Harness

Price: $20.00 FREE when you order a new SOFTIE



SMAK PAK Survial Kit

These small kits Velcro onto your parachute harness.

Click on SMAK Pak Survival Kits on left for sizes and pricing.


Static Line
The static line will automatically deploy the parachute upon bailing out (after falling about 30 feet). This option is generally used in unique situations where a pilot feels they may be incapacitated or otherwise unable to pull the ripcord after bailing out.
Price: $85.00


Inflatable Lumbar Support

They are very popular with glider pilots or anyone pilot on extended flights that want to change their lower back (lumbar) position. They give great back support. They are manufactured by Silver Parachute Sales and must be installed by them. They can be placed in most Softie parachutes.

Price: $90.00

Lumbar Pad
This fixed pad provides additional lower back support. It is ONLY available on the LONG SOFTIE model. 
Price: $50.00


Extended Back Pad (For Mini or Micro Parachutes only)

They are approximately 3/8" to 1/2" thick. They are very popular with aerobatic pilots and help keep their parachute in place when doing aerobatics. They zip on and off easily. It prevents the chute from riding up with the minimum amount under you. They are easy to zip on and off.

Price: $85.00


Comfort Pad (For Seatpacks Only)

The standard size is 2" thick. They can also be made thinner or thicker depending on your needs. They snap on and off easily.

Price: $175.00


Bailout Bottle Cover
If you fly at high altitudes and carry emergency oxygen in case of a bailout, this option may be just what you need.
Price: $50.00


Pilot Chute (for all model Softies)

Price: $460.00 


Square Deployment Bag

Price: $325.00 


Genuine Sheepskin Backpad
The ultimate in comfort and breathability. This sheepskin backpad wicks away moisture, keeping you dryer and cooler. It can be unsnapped for dry cleaning. Below are the colors the sheepskin come in. I keep the top two colors. Colors may vary from dye lot to dye lot.
Price: $175.00