What People are Saying (Testimonials)               



"Allen, where would I be without you?"
Sean D. Tucker -  April 2009 Bailout



Thank you so much, Allen. And I'm sooo glad I saw your email when I did!

As always, a true pleasure buying from you!

Best wishes,

J.P. 4/24


The chutes have been received. They look great. Thanks also for the wine. I'll look forward to drinking it the first tie I go up with the chutes.

Gabriel C. 2/24


I got my SMAK PAK, and it's great. Excellent quality, and I really appreciate the hook-knife re-packing instructions, since of course the first thing I did was pull it out, and I'd really like to not cut my own lanyard when I need it most. Excellent forethought!

Erik K. 1/24


Good afternoon. I received my second parachute and the gift you sent. Thank you so much! I actually laughed out loud at the note and I could not agree more! 

Garrett F. 12/23


Chute received today, thank you. I'll be wearing it this week in my Pitts. Been studying your bail out videos, glad they are there for me. Thanks for the bottle of wine, very nice gesture. I'll take your videos very seriously, enjoyed talking to you.

Curt R. 11/23


I received my second chute yesterday. Thank you! Thank you very much for the bottle of wine. Not necessary but very much appreciated.

Tim 11/23 


I was away for a little while and when I came back home, the parachute was waiting for me - it fits very well and I'm very happy with it. Now I'm planning on never using it, but I'm so happy that I found your store and got it from you! Thank you for your excellent service!!

Justine 10/23


Allen, got it! And thanks for the bottle of wine! Nice touch. 

Mike M. 5/23


We're happy to report the arrival of the new Softie Seatpack in A-1 condition last night. Also the bottle of Vino survived the coast to coast trip, thank you so much and we can't wait for a special occasion for the uncorking! 

You were most helpful in my decision on which type parachute would work for me and my bird. The fitment is perfect. Your web site is a wealth of information, plus your videos interviews on line is a must view. I will take to heart the  knowledge  you have passed on.  Again thank you!

Richard K. 7/22


Thanks for the prompt delivery and excellent service with the parachute. It's been repacked and I have it in my possession now. Thank you also for the bottle of wine. That was a very nice touch...............                        Chuck F. 6/22

My girlfriend just found the bottle of wine. That was so nice of you! And thank you so much for loaning us your chutes this weekend while we picked up the plane. You went way above and beyond and I really appreciate it.

Jeff & Trevor H. 4/22


Parachute received! The wine was a very nice touch; your guidance and gererosity is truly appreciated.

Brian C. 3/22


Just a follow up, 

Just got the chutes back, inspected & repacked,  from ChutingStar in ATL Marietta, GA.

Anyway,  ALL GOOD, A-OK.  Of course you knew that, but 'thought I'd tell you anyway.

& ---  Susan and I also very much enjoyed the Wine.

John K. 3/22



Thanks again for your quick service!!  Recieved the parachute safe and in good shape.  Thanks for the bottle of wine. Nice touch.  

Eric C. 3/22



The parachute, and that lovely wine, arrived in fine shape. Thank you for your prompt attention, and terrific support.

George M. 3/22


Opened the boxes.    I've left the chutes still sealed up in plastic wrap for now.  I'll watch the DVD & read the papers before I really open them up.  Boxes, packaging all arrived UN-DAMAGED, looks good, no issues.

&&&, Hey, the bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.  Wow.  Thank You very much; a very thoughtful gesture. & How'd you know that Cabernet is our preferred?

John K. 2/22



Got it! Again, thank you very much for expediting the process. Whenever you visit South Florida, let me know! Got it! 

Ignacio E. 2/22


Hi Allen -- the 2 rigs have arrived, and they look *perfect*.  Thanks so much for making all of this happen, including the use of the loaner-rigs in the meantime, they were a great big help in getting me flying in the interim.

And, to top it off... a wonderful bottle of wine.

You really set the standard to beat for "outstanding customer service".

John F. 1/22


Hi Allen, I'm sitting here wearing it (parachute), it's a perfect fit, love the lumbar support. it will work just fine in the glider.......i'm glad I decided to give you some business. Love the SMAK kit also.

Paul E. 11/21


I always like to support those that support our sport of aerobatics. You have excelled at that!

Thanks, Jim W. 10/21


Thanks for the information  Allen, as usual your a life saver!

Ken W. 10/21


Just opened the box (parachute). Thank you.

Dusty D. 7/21


I received the second emergency rig today. Thank you! I appreciated the bottle of local wine (I love white wine), and your thoughts. Yes, I do hope it is the only thing I have to open!

Bill S. 7/21


I received the beautiful parachute and it appears to be exactly what I don't want to use! The wine is a clever and smart touch.The whole transation with you, Allen has been comfortable and enjoyable.

Thank you so much.

Pat C. 5/21


I had to call and thank you in person for the great service and for the bottle of wine. I'm very pleased.

Matt C. 6/21


The second chute arrived and all is great. It's rare today to have great customer service and I appreciate the way you personally conduct your business. The added bonus in the package arrived as well and the added note brought a smile to my face.Thanks again,

Glenn G. 6/21


The parachute (and wine bottle with hilarious inscription) arrived today. Chute fits great, very comfortable. Thanks so much!

Seth L. 12/20


The webinar was probably the best one I've seen so far. Thank you for doing this presentation and I learned so much. I've never seen these questions presented before, even at Oshkosh.

DR. Bruce W. 10/20


Thanks for the great webinar last evening.

John G. 10/20


Thanks a lot for your great presentation yesterday evening!  I learned a lot. Especially, I learned, that old parachutes are not reliable and should not be used.

Pieter S. 10/20


Just listened to your EAA webinar. Great review!!!  I sure wish you were still rigging chutes.

Carol L. 10/20  


I learned so much from your work on this webinar, so many thanks indeed!

Denis C. 10/20


I just returned to work after a trip full of flying! I wanted to reach out and thank you for all of your help in making this trip a success! I was very pleasantly surprised to find a bottle of wine with a most entertaining note on it waiting for me in my hangar when I arrived home! Your advice on what Parachute to purchase for my RV-4 was spot on! I intended to use it for IAC competition, but after logging over 130 hours with it I can't imagine getting into the airplane without it!

Luke S. 10/19


Received my new parachute today and it looks great. Thank you for your support and thank you also for the bottle of wine. Nice touch!

George A. 8/19


Parachute arrived. Thank you for the wine. A nice touch.  I tried it on in the plane. I like it.  It gives me slightly more room and is more comfortable.  Best I can do.  Its a great looking rig too! Thank you so much.

Chris S. 9/19


Thank you very much for your prompt service. The parachute is exactly what I wanted and your service is second to none. Thanks also for the bottle of wine, all going to plan it will be the only thing I have to open from you?

David M. 8/19



I just wanted to send you a quick follow up on my experience with the mini softie parachute you sold me at the end of last year. I have 35 hours in my Pitts S1 now, most of those involving aerobatic practice in the box and I have to tell you that I have been absolutely happy with the comfort of the mini softie in the close confines of the Pitts. The mini softie was the right choice for me as a chair style or seat pack would have caused me to sit too high. I appreciated your time and personal service. 

Eric. M. 3/19



"You have such depth of knowledge and experience that it will be a valuable opportunity for us to gain some insight into the critical areas of this operation."
FAA Operations Manager



The parachute arrived exactly on time. Thanks very much Allen.

B.Z. 6/19


I just wanted to say thanks for the wine! Chutes looks great. I also really appreciate your customer service. Hard to find these days. Cheers,

Mike R. 2/19


Thanks very much for a transaction that exceeded my expectation and that included a surprise bottle of wine. 

My best to you in your partial retirement.

Bert Z. 2/19


Thanks for the parachute. It arrived right on time; exactly whatI had ordered.

Pete A. 2/19


Thank you for getting my old chute sold so quickly.  My new chute came in and I am going to take it out to the ASII today or tomorrow and see how I fit in the cockpit with it on. Thank you for getting my old chute sold so quickly.... My new chute came in and I am going to take it out to the ASII today or tomorrow and see how I fit in the cockpit with it on. By my guesstimate I will be fine. My wife thanks you for the bottle of wine.  That was a nice surprise.  

Tad P. 01/19


"Allen Silver, you saved my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart." (Bailout sometime in the 1990's)
-David E.



Thank you Allen 

Your service is great!

I will recommend your shop to all my aerobatic friends!

Marco M. (Italy)  10/18



Got my first chute today, and the bottle of wine with the note. What a nice gesture. You are truly a gentleman, above and beyond.

Thank you, and cheers.

Chuck T. 8/18


Thank you very much for your great customer service! I just was able to put the chute to good use in my first airshow last weekend. Thank you for the bottle of wine as well, I enjoyed the note. I look forward to recommending you to others. Thank you! 

Fair winds and Blue Sky

Matt S. 6/18



I flew today.  So……much better.  Everything works great.  Makes my plane a lot easier to get into and out of and more incentive to fly.

Tom H. 6/18



I just received my parachute today via UPS and couldn't be happier! It fits like a glove. I can't believe how bad my old chute was, which I wore for 14 years! Thank you also for the California wine. You are really a class guy. I hope I don't need to use the chute, but if I do, my confidence in it is 100%. Thanks again.   

Jeff S. 6/18



I appreciate all the great advice I can get from people who have been there, done that, and know what they are talking about.  And please don't give up on me in giving me advice and feed back.  I will talk all your advice to heart because it can be a life saver. People like yourself are rare and far apart; a life-time pilot and a skydiver with lots of experience, and most importantly with good intentions and a good heart.

Majid S. 5/18



Hi Allen, I received my new insurance policy! Looks great and thank you so much for the bottle of wine, that is really thoughtful, I didn’t know I told you I had little kids to deal with :) it will go to good use! Cheers mate!                                                               Jason M. 4/18


Never have I made a purchase that I so hope I never need to use.

MG. 4/14


"It's obvious you are one of those people who rate a special thanks."
Cass S. (With Navy SEALS)


I Received the parachute it looks great, I appreciate your most excellent service.

Keith, 2/17



"You have such depth of knowledge and experience that it will be a valuable opportunity for us to gain some insight into the critical areas of this operation."
FAA Operations Manager



I just wanted to let you know that the harness and secondary belt all fit perfectly.  It is a big improvement over the old system in every respect.  Thanks for your persistence in ensuring that the measurements were correct and for turning it around so quickly.

Eric A. 9/15



Allan - here’s a shot I took in the LS4 last week. The Softie you made for me is great! And i still have that bottle of wine you sent me. Thanks for the excellent product and service.

Peter C. 6/15



Very nice touch with the wine, and the note was especially funny for an Air Force guy!  

Kevin, 1/15



Class act Allen!  My Dad and I wanted to wish you a great holiday season and sincere thanks; the chute fits great and also eliminates the need for the bulky back cushion with my setups in the Pitts.  Cheers! 

 Matt, 12/14


Perfect Allen, thank you!!!  Really appreciate your super  service!!!   J Josef, 10/14


My friend and I are quite impressed with your various writings; we found them very helpful and instructive. We both feel most comfortable purchasing from you given the return and refund policy you described to me .                                                        MG & JR 4/14

Had a chance to do a lot of flying with it last week. Really like the additions. No shifting at all now. Thanks,                                                                                                          Stan, 8/14


Once again thanks for the surprise gift. You mention wine often, and you live up there in wine paradiseville, I was pleasantly surprised!!!                                                     Joesph B. 3/14


I watched your Emergency Bailout Procedures webinar on the EAA website you mentioned in the March 2014 Sport Aerobatics.  Great video!  I fly a Pitts S1-S and have a Softie Wedge with the aerobatic harness.  Your video made me realize my 3-bar slide is not properly placed in the small of my shoulder below the collarbone.  I will adjust appropriately before my next flight.  In fact, did you notice the guy donning a chute on the March 2014 Sport Aerobatics cover?  Looks like he has a similar problem with his 3-bar slide adjustment.                                                                   Marc C. 3/14


Hi Allen…just a note to say I got the chute yesterday.  Thanks.  I really appreciate your help in deciding what to get.                                                                                              Mark O. 3/14


Allen, received the parachute today. Looks fantastic! The bottle of wine was the icing on the cake. Thank you.                                                                                                      Mac, 2/14


Many thanks for this. I do have all the 3 part articles and have studied them carefully. Keep doing what you are doing, it undoubtedly helps save lives!

Crispin, 2/14



Just saw your email....thanks for all the detail. Thank you for the great service. I really appreciate the way you work.

Terry K.



"The harness arrived the other day...............lovely job. I am really pleased with the result. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends."

David B.



"It arrived this morning, wine, coffee and all!It fits perfectly!  I’ll try it in the plane as soon as I can get down there.  So excited! Thank you so much for a really great purchase experience.  Now I know why you’re the best."                                                                                      Tony S.


"I LOVE my new parachute, and the wine with the personalized dedication" Thank you so much!!                                                         D.K. 9/13                              



"Allen thank you so much for all your help, and honesty. I feel really bad that I didn’t take the time to investigate the chute, but now I know. I trust you because of your experience. Some people are just out for themselves, and not worry about your well being, and again thank you for your help."

Ron M.



"I got your number from G.M. He said something about you walking on water when it comes to chutes. I appreciate you agreeing to do my chute and as you know I take the emergency side just as serious as the flying side."




"Just wanted to take the time to say thank you for your exceptional customer service and the expertise you have within the industry. I will without a doubt recommend you to anyone seeking emergency parachute service…we are in good hands with your work."

William S.



"Thank you so much for getting my parachute returned so promptly. I was able to fly four times this week, and couldn't have done that without the parachute.

Danny S.


"I appreciate the way you handled this transaction in spite of the unexpected challenge of getting it shipped on time."



"You have great customer service, which is why I will now continue to use your services even if it costs a little more."

Scott S.



"The parachute fit my daughter perfectly." Thanks  

John G.



"Thank you the support and the instructions all are fantastic. You set up my chute shoulder straps perfect for my height, Thank you. You and Skyview Aviation have left me speechless."




"Wow just got it today! As always thank you again for the stellar service."

Scott M.



"The bottle of wine was a wonderful surprise and truly first class. I also hope it will be the only thing I will be opening soon. Many thanks and hope to meet you one day so we can talk more.

Mikel A.



"Thanks so much for the parachutes. They are exactly as described and were on time as promised. Thank you for the great service and advice."

 Tyler H.



"Your presentation was as usual,…outstanding. We always learn a little more."

SGC Soaring Foundation



"As always, thanks for the wonderful service!!!"

Pete A.



"Thanks again for taking the time with the webinar and the phone call, it is guys like you to which inspire me to pass on the aviation spirit in my own little way."

Todd J.



"Thank very much for the parachute and the Additional information you enclosed. Very helpful."




"Just had to email and tell you how much I enjoyed your article “Practice, Practice, Practice”. Have had safety parachutes in my airplanes for years. Real good info with a sense of humor."

Bruce W.



"Thanks again for the great service. The color is perfect by the way."

Jerry S.



"It’s been a real pleasure doing business with you. I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding service."

Roger F.



"I’m really, grateful for all your help and advice. You’re recommended to my friends."




"Thank-you for the sale of the chute. Got the check today in the mail. I have always appreciated doing business with you over the years."

Rich M.



"Thanks for all the good information and education. I enjoyed our phone conversation on parachutes and square/round and emergency egress. As I said, I'm researching right now. I feel like I know you after listening to others talk about their consultations with you and reading your articles."




"Many thanks for your help selling the parachute and your repacking over the past few years.
p.s. Could you sell a GE J85 jet engine this easily?"

William H.



"You were right on. (My parachutes) were here on the day you promised."
Mark M.



"Thank you for taking the time to show my father and me about proper parachute use and deployment. You are indeed a dedicated individual in your trade and a pleasure to work with."
Dr. KC.



"I appreciated your presentation at Lakeland and thanks for the suggestion about my parachute. The simple mods have completely solved the problems. The rig fits good and feels good."
Giles H.



"I fly on a tight budget. Thanks to you I've been able to fly with a parachute the last couple seasons. I appreciate your generosity and expertise."
Matt M.



"Thanks a lot for your help in selecting my parachute. I'm very satisfied with the quality of your service."
John M.



"I'm thrilled with the seatpack. Thanks for your excellent service. I am amazed that you managed to adjust the straps such that it fits me right out of the box!"
John W.



"We do very little in the way of pilot rigs. I suggest contacting Allen Silver. He's the MAN when it comes to bailout rigs."



"I appreciate your professionalism and promptness."

David P