SOFTIE Parachutes

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Ask about the liberal trade-in policy on overaged Softies. Your twenty year or older Softie Parachute is worth $300.00 when purchasing a new Softie pilot emergency parachute, of your choice.  All you have to do is return your old out of service Softie and I will credit you $300.00 towards the purchase of a new Softie. I also include a free $55.00 carry bag.


All SOFTIES are extremely comfortable, state-of-the-art, light weight emergency parachute systems designed to fit into the restricted cockpits of today's aircraft.


The very low permeability (0-3 cubic feet/minute) fabric used in the SOFTIE parachute canopy results in a lower rate of descent than older standard & low porosity materials. All Softie parachute are steerable with toggles (steering handles located on the rear risers) controlling meshed vent modifications. A full-stow type diaper offers reliable deployment and opening. Two sizes of canopies are offered. One (The Preserve III) for a maximum gross weight of 180 lbs (82kg) and the other (The 24' Preserve 1C) for a gross weight of 220 lbs (100kg). Both are rated at 150 KIAS.


The 220 lb (100 kg) versions of the SOFTIES are all 15" (38 cm) wide to fit most people comfortably and weigh between 14 and 16 lbs.


The 180 lb (82 kg) versions are 13" (33 cm) wide to stay secure over the shoulders of smaller individuals and weigh approximately 1 lb (0.4 kg) less than the respective 220 lb (100 kg) model.


A 16" (41cm) wide version of the MINI SOFTIE is also available. The extra inch of width allows this MINI to be thinner for pilots who need minimum thickness behind them.






See the Colors & Options page for color choices, harness types, and other options. 


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The most popular and convenient style of parachute system, the back pack is extremely comfortable, small, and lightweight. The MINI SOFTIE offers the flexibility to be packed with the bulk of lines either at the top of the container or at the bottom (like the WEDGE). Container specifications: Approximately 2 1/2" thick x 15" wide x 23" tall (top to bottom).


The 16" version is the same except the container is 16" wide at the shoulders. This reduces the thickness to about   1/2" to 2" thick. Ideal for cockpits with limited room fore and aft.


Price: $3135.00  



A narrower version of the MINI SOFTIE designed to fit securely on smaller individuals. This version comes with the 24' Preserve III canopy rated up to a gross weight of 180lbs. The MICRO SOFTIE offers the same flexibility as the Mini Softie and can be packed with the bulk of lines either at the top of the container or at the bottom (like the WEDGE). Container specifications: 2.25" thick x 13" wide x 22" top to bottom (tall) and is good for a gross weight of 180 lbs. 


The 240 version is the same, but has the larger 24' Preserve 1C canopy good for up to a gross weight of 220 lbs. The container dimensions are the same except the container is aproximately 3" thick. I like this version because most smaller individuals need more behind them and you come down slower with the larger canopy.


Price: Both versions are $3135.00 






A wedge shaped version of our popular backpack is designed specifically to add lumbar and sacral support during high positive "G" maneuvers as well as limiting the vertical movement of the container in negative maneuvers. Ideal for the upright seating found in a Pitts. The container specifications are: 2 1/2" thick at the bottom, 1/2" thick at the top x 15" wide x 23" tall (top to bottom).




This is also designed to offer you added lumbar support. The container specifications are: 3" thick at the bottom, 1/2" thick at the top x 13" wide at the top and 14" wide at the bottom x 22" tall (top to bottom). This container will accept either the 24' Preserve III or 24' Preserve 1C canopy. The Preserve III will be slightly thinner at the bottom, but is only rated up to 180 lbs gross weight.


Price: $3135.00     



The chair-style is designed to conform to and maximize the comfort of the contoured seating found in today's high performance gliders and aerobatic aircraft. The LONG SOFTIE offers the flexibility to be packed with the bulk of lines either at the top of the container or at the bottom (like the WEDGE).


Price: $3225.00  



A comfortable seat pack that offers the reliability of a SOFTIE along with the packing ease that has been famous in all the SOFTIE models. The standard container size is 14" fore & aft x 15" wide x 3" thick. Custom sizes are available! The seat pack includes a 3/8" thick seat cushion for added comfort. An alternate 2" thick cushion is available for an extra $125.00. This cushion is available in the cross country (XC) version (confor foam) for added comfort.


DECATHLON/CITABRIA SEATPACK. This model is specially designed to fit the special dimensions of those seats. The container is trapezoid in shape and the specifications are: 13" wide across the back 16" wide across the front x 14" fore and aft.


WEDGE SEATPACK. This model is great for people with limited headroom. The container specifications are: 15" wide x 14" fore and aft. It's approximately 3" thick under your thighs and 1 1/2" thick at the back under your tailbone giving you additional headroom.


Price: $3335.00