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 I have numerous New Softie parachutes

in stock ready for immediate delivery. If your interested

in  used parachutes check out my for sale page.


I also have a lot of my SMAK Pak Survival Kits that attach to your parachute harness in stock. For more details click on the links to Survival Kits and Parachutes on the left.    




Bailout Seminar Handout Material
This is what I teach and the order I follow at my power point bailout seminars.
Jan 2015 Bailout Seminar Handout .doc
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NOTICE:  As of 20 Jan 15. I now have approximately 15 demo Softie parachutes in stock that are ready for immediate delivery. Several are out in the field being tried out in customers aircraft and several are back in my shop awaiting new homes. They all are in like new condition and most are less than six months old. They all come with a matching carry bag, free shipping in the US and of course a current repack. To be fair to my many overseas customers I deduct the cost of shipping a parachute across the US from what it costs to your overseas address.




If you own a Para-Phernalia Softie pilot emergency parachute and it's reaching (or has reached) the end of it's 20 service life it's worth $300.00 towards the purchase of a new Softie pilot emergency parachute. All you have to do is return your overaged Softie (to me) and I'll credit you $300.00 towards the purchase of a new Softie parachute, of your choice.




Click on "Photo Gallery" on the left to see my most recent photos from Sun N Fun 2014 and Arlington WA IAC judges school seminar. I want to thank all those who have attended my bailout safety seminars. Remember all it takes is a phone call or email to set up a seminar for your group. Check out the photo of Sean D. Tucker giving me a special hello at Sun N Fun.



If you’re familiar with the Columbia Airport you know it’s a jewel of an airport. It has a grass strip and a very nice 4600 foot paved runway and is non-towered. Many fly-ins are held here each year. A lot of pilots walk the short distance from the airport, into old town Columbia, which is designated a California State Historical Park, for a bite to eat(see photos below). The official transportation in downtown Columbia is walking, horseback or stagecoach. Look it up on line, It’s also a great place to bring the family for a day trip. All the shops are open for business. They just look like something from the 1850's. Click on my "Photo Gallery" on the left for more photos of Columbia and of my shop on the Columbia Airport.


"Ask Allen" the Bi-Monthly Column

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 On the left click on "Photo Gallery" for my latest seminar pictures.

     It's also never to late to book a bailout seminar for your group.


If you missed my Emergency Bailout webinar in January 2012  you can log on to www.eaa.org/webinar and follow the instructions. It's free. You do not have to be an EAA member to view the seminar.




Silver Parachute Sales & Service is dedicated to providing in-depth, personal parachute service to aerobatic and glider pilots around the world. 



Silver Parachute Sales & Service offers complete rigging services including repack & recertification, major repair & alteration. Allen Silver, the owner, has been an FAA Master Rigger for over 40 years.  Silver Parachute Sales & Service specializes in pilot emergency parachutes and is the largest dealer for the SOFTIE line of emergency parachutes, by Para-Phernalia, Inc. 


Allen also designed and manufactures AcroBelt a five-point ratchet seatbelt system and SMAK PAK. These are small survival kits that attach to your parachute or can be carried on you. (click on SMAK Pak Survival Kits for more information)


Silver Parachutes Sales & Service also provides comprehensive emergency bailout training and safety seminars for pilots worldwide. (Click on Safety Seminars for details)


Upcoming Seminars
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Deadly Mistakes Pilots Make During a Bailout
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Incorrectly attaching Survival Kits (like my SMAK Paks) PLBs, SPOT units, knives, kitchen sinks or any other item to your parachute harness can cause serious problems. Learn more details by clicking important notice below:


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Freefall Deceleration Chart

This is the graph mentioned in the Ask Allen column that shows how quickly you will slow down after a bailout. See it here. Click the image below to enlarge.

Parachute Deceleration Chart: Click on the photo above to enlarge